On the drawing board…

Maisie May is finally complete. This isn’t the best photo but you can get the idea.  a stunning Leonberger, Maisie was a joy to draw!


I was so excited when I started drawing ‘Pumpkin’ as she is a Springador (Springer cross Labrador – the same mix as my gorgeous Cooper Black). Drawn with graphite and conte, she was a real challenge but I have enjoyed every minute of the drawing.


Bubbles – The most beautiful girl! Such a priviledge to draw! She was completed on the last day of May and ready to go to her owner.

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Meg was the very first drawing I completed. I had never tried a portrait before and I am still unsure to this day why I started the drawing in the first place. It wasn’t part of the plan to do portraits so it came as a genuine shock when I realised I could actually make it look like her. I was convinced it was a fluke! I started tentatively with an eye and some hair. It took many many hours as I had little confidence and it was as though every mark I made was a revelation. Here is the progress:

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