me2In Feb’ 2016 I picked up my pencils for the first time in 23 years. After a tough few years I needed to have something in my life that I enjoyed and that would take me away from the pressures of life and work for a while. I had always loved art at school and managed to win a place on an Art foundation course at Newcastle College after school. During that year I tried many disciplines including fashion design, textiles, 3D design, graphics and fine art. I wasn’t particularly good at drawing, but had an aptitude for design and photography. I was encouraged to study Graphic Design so chose this with Photography as my degree course.

I have always worked as a graphic designer and developed an eye for detail in layouts and typography. My Company ‘OLV Design’ creates artwork for a range of mediums for web to print and packaging. I love my work however, long days at the computer have left me wishing that I could get back to the basics with a pencil in my hand and a blank sheet of paper! (I had been harping on about this for quite a while).

Then, late in 2015 a friend had an traumatic accident. I took care of him and his dog while he recuperated. He demonstrated his gratitude by buying a 2nd hand drawing board, a pad, some pencils and other tools I would need to get started drawing again. Now there was no excuse not to draw! I started tentatively with a few marks on the paper and they weren’t that good – but it was only a matter of a few hours before I felt more confident that I could potentially create something that could be called a portrait.

Art and animals – I suppose if you had to sum up the loves of my life, it would be with these two words. I adore my dog Cooper Black. I love riding, conservation, insects, birds and the outdoors. It seems apt therefore to bring those two ‘loves’ together and offer portraits of pets as a starting point. I am still yet to create a portrait of my own dog Cooper, but watch this space!

So, here I am with my website, opening up the door to something I have an absolute passion for. Over the coming months, I will add all completed drawings to the portfolio page.
I hope you enjoy following my journey and looking at the completed artworks.

Carolyn Bowe