me2My entire working life has been spent in a creative role. I am a graphic designer by trade with 10+ years in education as a Lecturer in Art, Design & Multimedia. Drawing is something I have come back to in recent times. I still teach classes in Graphic design as well as producing artwork for web and print and will be shortly introucing art classes alongside some former teaching colleagues.

Art and animals – I suppose if you had to sum up my life in two words, it would be with these two words. I adore my dog Cooper Black. I love riding, conservation, insects, birds and the outdoors. It seems apt therefore to bring those two ‘loves’ together and offer portraits of pets. I am still yet to create a portrait of my own dog Cooper, but watch this space!

So, here I am with my website, opening up the door to something I have an absolute passion for.
I hope you enjoy following my journey and looking at the completed artworks.

Carolyn bowe